Let Our Chatbots Do The Work

Turn Messages Into Leads With Chatbot Marketing

Generate and nurture more leads, collect better data and improve your sales funnel using messenger bots that convert curious potential clients to loyal customers.

Generate More Leads

Chabot marketing has the best metrics in digital marketing. With 80% open rates and 35% click-through-rates, this beats every other channel.

Engage Your Prospects

Build relationships with customers through personalized messaging and tailored content that keeps your brand in their mind to keep coming for more.

24 Hour Service

The usages of chatbot marketing are increasing every month. Eighty percent of businesses are expected to use a chatbot automation system by the year 2021.

Always In Demand

Nowadays, we live in a demanding generation that expects response rates in seconds. Chatbots ensure a 24/7 availability to answer all the questions your prospects have in seconds.


Save Money & Time

Take on the burden of time-consuming tasks and allowing you to better serve your customers in ways that matter the most.

A chatbot is almost like self-checkout at grocery stores and ordering kiosks at restaurants. It saves you money and time by not hiring people to do your customer messaging.

By not always having someone “on-call” to answer questions and book meetings with potential clients, chatbot marketing make it easier to scale lead generation, schedule phone calls, and make appointments for you without you lifting a finger.

The Five Key Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Let’s assume that if you made it this far, that you are interested in implementing a chatbot marketing strategy into your inbound marketing. Whether you are interested in growth, your business is looking for better-quality leads, or you are interested in chatbot marketing to refine and perfect your sales strategy, we can help. 

Even if you are still on the edge and need a little more convincing, allow us to simplify things and tell you the benefits of implementing chatbot strategies into your marketing. Chatbots will allow you to:

1. Improve Customer Insight

Conversations are naturally a two-way street. You will have numerous conversations that will allow you to collect information about the people that matter to you the most in transparent ways. When you have conversations constantly, you are constantly learning.

2. Create A More Human Buying Experience

The chatbots that we have implemented have gone a long way to handling all of the monotonous stuff you could do and solve several small customer problems. Meaning, sales reps, and marketing teams can focus 100% on their tasks and concentrate on those that require a human touch.

3. Discover New Sources For Leads

You could have 15% more new leads to the top of your sales funnel simply by having conversations with potential customers through chatbots. Chatbot marketing is incredibly engaging; instead of seeing people visit and leave your site, chatbots can begin meaningful conversations with potential leads and encourage them to explore.

4. Decrease The Length Of Your Sales Cycles

A company like ThriveHive has been able to shorten their sales cycle by 63%. In real terms that equates to a four-day sales process instead of an average of 11 days. Not only have we seen similar results with our clients, but chatbots have also gone a long way to aligning their sales and marketing departments overall, streamlining the lead generation and nurturing process

5. Grow Your Sales Pipelines

Again, your conversational marketing could drive 50% of your business. With the right knowledge, scripting abilities and customer insight, chatbots, and other messenger marketing methods can better refine and perfect your sales pipeline, giving potential customers immediate access to your company’s expertise at all times for their needs. 


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